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Friday, November 07, 2003
In case you're curious (and I know Harm will be), here is a FrontPage article on the place I went to college. It mostly just makes me smile. For the record, Safer Sex Night really doesn't qualify as an orgy--there's not a whole lot of public sex, never with multiple partners, and while the people may be dressed skimpily, that doesn't make them attractive, and on the whole it's not a whole lot different from most nightclubs, aside from the blowjob videos in the corners.

Oh, also, I was a member of the club mentioned that can't get chartered but which Nancy Dye ostensibly "supports." Ha. That's a good one. At any rate, the interesting thing about said club was that it's not really a leftist thing; afficianados are just as likely to be conservative, and given the conservative temperment, you might be tempted to say they're even more likely to be into That Kind Of Thing. Mais oui, the folks in our particular group would be more likely to support Gore than Bush (snicker snicker), but that's just the nature of the demographic we were drawing from, and we were almost entirely way less likely to eat organic food and go to Socialist meetings than your typical Obie. I say all this because of the opposition we encountered. Yes, the most vocal opponant was a conservative physics teacher, may he forever eat naught but overcooked beef. But the far more effective opposition took a liberal position on racial issues, arguing (one might say a bit patronizingly) that blacks would be offended by a group that seemed to be making slavery into a game (what?) and that it would discourage African-Americans from applying because it would offend their more conservative morality. The main problem with this argument, besides the fact that we weren't exactly playing games in which one of us dressed up like a plantation owner and one of us picked cotton all day, was that--as you'll note from the article--we have a drag ball. It is, as a matter of fact, the biggest campus party of the year. We also have a very active socialist contingent, pot smoking on the quads, and a very vocal homosexual community, and good for them. So I'm a little unsure how, if you're of a conservative moral bent, black or no, a club of this type would be, like, the deciding factor, you know? Especially when such notoriously left-wing places as Princeton and Dartmouth also have such clubs without any noticable drop in enrollment.

Anyway, point being, if you're troubled by sex on college campuses, I'd think you'd be more interested in getting rid of frat houses than Safer Sex Night, and unlike most residents of said frat houses, at least Obies are participating in politics, which would seem like a neutral good, regardless of their positions.

ADDENDUM: FrontPage being David Horowitz's deal, Horowitz being the "Slavery Reparations are Racist!" dude, i.e. a guy who enjoys the fish-in-a-barrel activity of making college leftists angry a wee bit too much for my particular embarassment-o-meter.

Oh, and the point of the point is that you have to be very careful in assigning cultural and personal activities a political value, as both Obies and FrontPage should realize.