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Saturday, May 17, 2003
"Hey, why don't you post personal stuff on the blog?" Well, maybe this NYT article on the perils of friends and relatives reading personal details and/or insults in a public forum may illuminate things.

Being found out is no deterrent for 18-year-old Trisha Allen, a blogger from Kentucky. She has been blogging for roughly a month, and spends most of her time reporting candidly on her friends and on her relationship with her boyfriend.

A recent entry reveals that the couple are not quite ready for children — though "we have had two scares" — and that Ms. Allen's preferred form of birth control is the pill, even though, she wrote, "I am starting to hate it, because it has screwed up my menstrual cycle wickedly."

"There's not a lot I won't put on there," Ms. Allen said by telephone. Ms. Allen said her mother was aware she keeps an online journal, but does not know how to find it, and added that she relied on a doctrine of security by obscurity, hoping that in the vast universe of personal Web sites known as the blogosphere, she will be able to preserve her anonymity behind all those other blogs.

Ms. Allen said her motivation for posting personal details was simple: "I love to be the center of attention."

Indeed, for many bloggers being noticed seems to be the point. John M. Grohol, a psychologist in the Boston area who has written about bloggers, said they often offered intimate details of their lives as a ploy to build readership.

"It's like, `How do I get people to read this?' " he said. "Then you want them to keep reading it. It becomes a snowball rolling downhill that becomes very rewarding for the blogger because they're getting feedback from their friends and from random folks."

I'll just stick to being a wiseass, thanks. I'm not even going to say anything about "Nick Denton, the head of Gawker Media, a blog publisher." OK, maybe one thing--Liz, didja make them say "Gawker Media" or what?

I dunno. They put a lot of stuff in there compairing blogs to memoirs ('real-time memoirs!") and I guess I'd have the same problem with blogs as I'd have with all those creepy self-exploiting memoirs. Eh, whatever.