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Friday, November 12, 2004
Just this very morning I came across the blog of my old friend Chris, a gentleman and a scholar. He's a lovely young man, and a fine writer. Here is a sample:

By some horrible mistake of fate (actually, just an utter absence of foresight when I was an undergrad) I never learned French or German before this summer and yet I officially became a "Europeanist" at the end of September. My French is mediocre. My German is nonexistent. That being said, I'm taking German this summer and seeing what I can do. Now then, check it out:


That means "arch-enemyness." Isn't that dope?! What a language. I love schadenfreude, I love zeitgeist, I love bildung and gemeinschaft, but I have to say that Erbfeindschaft takes the cake.

Chris also wrote a great article for my old zine, which I'm not linking to because then you would see the rest of the zine, which is quite embarassing now, thankyouverymuch. So just take my word for it in that regard, and read away in the other.