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Friday, March 24, 2006

I honestly don't mean to make fun of these ladies, but come on.


Since, as stated below, I know everyone cares deeply about my critical omnibus, the debate over the sexy continues at Hillary's, who, for the record, I have not even met. I have refined my position to "There is a decent bit of wholesome sexuality in music, but there is not very much dirty sexuality, and if you're like Mike, you would like there to be more of that." Also, I would like to point out that Prince is not even half dirty sexuality, there's all those slow jamz.

Also also, if you yourself would like to apply for the below-mentioned reality show, here is the application. Best question: "DESCRIBE YOUR HOMETOWN. IN GENERAL, DO YOU FEEL POSITIVELY OR NEGATIVELY TOWARD IT?" Yeah, I hate my little podunk hometown! No one there understands me! I want to work for Rolling Stone so I can escape my boring life and start doing press junkets with Audioslave!