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Thursday, March 04, 2004
This morning it was gray and drizzly in New York and I listened to Pulp's This Is Hardcore on my way to work. It fit the mood very well. "A Little Soul" really is one of the best songs ever. Not as good as "Common People," but still very very good.

There's nothing quite like walking into your boss' office and hearing someone using the word "redundancy." Mmm.

Went to see Kimya last night at the Knitting Factory. Every six months I go there and it's like seeing a show in downtown Dis, and I swear never to go again. Miss Clap and her friends got scolded for dancing during the Mountain Goats set, which is pretty funny. I tried to talk to Kimya and couldn't; I'm very bad at stuff like this, as I always either look like an asshole or freeze up. Ah well. My life as a groupie is over, I suppose. Miss Clap got a very nice t-shirt from Kimya featuring a dinosaur.

Speaking of Dis, I was walking around downtown looking for an open deli and walked by the AT&T building, which honestly looks like they went to an architect and said, "Could you make this look as evil as possible?" It's 500 feet tall, no windows, pink/brown concrete, and I swear they had floodlights on the side of it pointing up. Looked like something out of Batman. Brr.