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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Just did a little more digging into my P&J ballot, and there are some surprises there. Singles-wise, I was the only person to vote for "Debbie Loves Joey," which was somewhat unsurprising, but then only two other people voted for Dykhouse (understandable), Janet (what?) and Eamon (are you serious?!), plus only three other people voted for the Kelly, which is a fucking travesty. So, leaving out rainmaker LCD Soundsystem, 5 of my top 6 singles got a total of 14 votes. And they're not exactly obscurist! Ah well. (Addendum: Anthony Miccio voted for the Eamon last year. He will vote for the Kelly next year, maybe.)

With the albums, I knew I was the only person to vote for Strong Bad Sings, which I kinda expected, but I was also the only person to vote for the Meow Meow album! Which is shocking. Such a good album. Courtney got more love than I expected but less than she deserved, although Chucky K's on there. Nice.