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Friday, April 29, 2005
I'm not sure if this is pathetic or not, but the coolest thing that's happened today is that I touched something Pharrell is going to touch. Actually, I burned him a CD. (Should have put one of my tracks on it, damn!) Memo to aspiring artists: if you're going to blatantly replay a Neptunes track and then try and sneak it by your label, do not do it with "Grindin'," for fuck's sake. Oh, and also, if you do this anyway, at least have the song not suck donkeys. Sheesh. OK, we brought in a musicologist to confirm that, yes, this is definitely a replay of "Grindin'," but we did not really need to.

Meanwhile, Miss Clap is preparing for a confab with Kofi Annan. So jealous!

ADDENDUM: And don't even ask about Ce Ce Peniston. Good lord.