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Friday, June 03, 2005
We wanted to see Kung Fu Hustle last night, but that was sold out, so instead we saw--and this really was the best available choice--House of Wax. We'd been pretty excited to see it back upon release, but the reviews had been so very very bad that we stayed away.

But that was the wrong decision, because the movie was remarkably good. Sure, the setup is ridiculous and badly-acted, and Paris was just a mistake, but everything else is really well done--scary, well-designed, well-paced. Basically, once they hit the main town, which happens about 20 minutes in, everything's good.

It was also especially scary and nicely gory, both of which I hadn't really been getting from my horror movies of late. So keep your expectations low, but I think you'll be pleased.

ADDENDUM: The movie has now been converted to chart form, by me, over at The Face Knife. I do not quite match Todd's level of style ("don't try and pick the wax off" v. "choke a bitch"), but I do make a joke about Paris Hilton and probably misquote something from the beginning of the movie. Zing! Take that, Paris Hilton-slash-movie screenwriter!