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Saturday, August 30, 2003
Valid reasons to hate hipsters--from the nyhappenings list:

I want to inform all decent partygoers in NYC that the [club name] in Brooklyn is full of racist bastards, I speak from personal experience. I am a white man who went to [club name] this Friday and I was turned away from the door because I was "wearing sneakers". Meanwhile 2 black guys wearing sneakers are ushered in without question. I went home to get changed and 3 of my white friends turned up and were charged $10 to get in while all black people were charged $5. They were then treated like outcasts for the entire night and were getting some seriously dirty looks.

I have been there so many times before and no one has ever given a shit about color, everyone was cool and there for the music - something has changed and I would advise that this is not a white friendly club. Supposedly one of the only cities where people can do what they want and this happens. This really pissed me off

I now know what Chris Rock meant when he said there is a difference between Black people and niggas, there was not one black person there last night the place was full of niggas. I would advise all decent and fun loving people to avoid this place like the plague regardless of what color you are. If these ignorant trash want to create a division then let them - music is supposed to bring people together not divide them.

If anyone is interested [party] has moved from [old venue] to [new venue], check out

[website address]

Don't let these racist scum win.

Yeah, there's nothing more racist than black people being rude to you. Phrases like "all black people were charged $5" are particularly charming-slash-ironic. Don't let the terrorists win!