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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
I will have a fuller Rock Star update in a bit, but for now, go on ahead and watch Toby singing "Pennyroyal Tea." You know, I always thought it was one of those songs you couldn't ruin, but I was wrong. God but I was wrong. The reasons will be clear, but in sum, a) he does not do the loud parts loud (?!?!?), b) he sings it like Nickelback, and c) he sings "give me Leonard Cohen afterglow / so I can die eventually." I pictured Courtney Love charging into the studio afterwards and kicking him repeatedly in the shins.

And I'm not even going to subject you to the dude who sang "Losing My Religion" like it was an epic Coldplay ballad and Michael Stipe was straight as the day is long. Just deal with "Pennyroyal Tea" for now.