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Saturday, August 13, 2005
I am currently hanging out at a friend's house, and she has Rhapsody, and here's what I have to say about that: in addition to being much, much faster than I would expect anything associated with RealPlayer to be , they have this great radio station function where you put in five (to ten, but five seems to work) artists you like and it produces a random-play radio station based on them. So, for instance, I put in a radio station with Motley Crue, the Pixies, PJ Harvey, and some other folks, and they give you pretty much exactly what you want--some great Motley songs, some louder indie songs, and a random selection of other stuff. (A previous station of the Fiery Furnaces, Annie, Kelly Clarkson, and Julez Santana produced more questionable results, but I attribute that more to the Clarkson having an inconsistent catalog than anything else.)

At any rate, I know I've been neglecting you all, but hell, it's the summer, and I should have some actual written content throughout the week, lord willing.