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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Just as a public service, I should mention that the Anton Corbijn video collection is not very good. It was the first one I netflixed because it seemed to have the most videos, but all of them are basically the same; if you edited them all together, there'd be enough interesting images/scenes/shots for maybe like 3 complete songs. Maybe 2. Dude is a good photographer, but this is a big part of the problem, as the videos seem to be just a photograph that moves, and unless there's a lot going on in that photograph, including some sort of narrative arc, that is not interesting, and aside from the Nirvana video (which, probably notably, was based on Kurt's drawings, which he has a whole bundle of), they indeed are not.

Of course, I also hate U2 and am not so crazy about Depeche Mode, so maybe I was biased. Bet that Ian Curtis biopic is gonna turn out super-great, though. I hope it will be in black and white with a lot of dirtiness and static shots.