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Friday, October 15, 2004

It's kinda unfair--OK, it's totally unfair--but it's really telling to listen to some little band and then listen to, say, some of Mary J. Blige's best work. God bless Bloc Party (I guess), but while "Banquet" may be a good song, is it even in the same league as "A Family Affair" or "I'm Going Down"? No it is not.

(Incidentally, this applies to my own stuff as well--I somehow kept listening to one of my CDs followed by Matthew Sweet's 100%, and that made me feel bad, so I stopped.)

That said, I have benefited from a closer listening to the Dogs Die In Hot Cars disc--"Paul Newman's Eyes" and "Pastimes and Lifestyles," both in the second half of the album, are really good, especially the former, which I'll do a post on, oh, about when I finish up BB. Ahem.