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Thursday, July 14, 2005
A few links worth your time:

- Ultragrrrl tells a great story about Hillary Duff. (via Hillary, who has the excerpt.)

- Download Lady Sov's actually really fantastic 9-5. I wasn't so big on her older stuff--it was good but not great--but I think this one's going to get regular rotation. (via Amy)

- You like campus politics? You like trainwrecks? You're gonna love this one. (I imagine Harm will have something to say about it all.) You know, this is sorta why people get frustrated with academics--this is actually a really fascinating issue of accountability and public access v. privacy rights and academic freedom, but no one involved seems to be able to take a step back and consider all that. Instead they yell about conspiracies and sexism. Sigh. (Also via Hillary.)