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Thursday, May 13, 2004
(note: this should have been posted a week ago, but I'm obviously behind)

There's something just plain old fun about listening to LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge" on a crowded L Train, especially when you haven't in a while: you look around and you see overdressed girls with dyed hair and wee little men in tough little outfits and you hear something about "little jackets" and you hear something about "you want to make something real, you want to make a Yaz record" and it just makes you smile, and then it gets to Bedford just as he starts yelling band names and almost no one gets off and you guess Graham Ave. is the hot spot now.

But I'm not trying to rip on these people, because, hell, I'm one of these people. (Although it does feel weird to ride on the L now after spending a while on the A.) I'm really saying it's fun, because in the place that the song should have the most venemous impact, it stands revealed as something not angry at all, but wholly celebratory; if you can't catch the hint of affection in his voice, you shouldn't be able to miss it from the music, which just sounds like jumping. And then you look and there's a very cute little baby with his mother, and the baby is smiling, and yes, that seems like the song, too.