clap clap blog: we have moved

Friday, December 17, 2004
Doop doop doop, sitting here waiting for Zakk Wylde to call me so we can go over lyrics. He's at Dimebag's house, helping out his family with everything. Doop doop doop. This is kinda surreal. Times like this I wish I was more of a metal fan so this would be more exciting. But I more wish I could curl up somewhere with a cookie and a video game. Ooh look, a cookie.

Did I mention Zakk Wylde sent us a huge basket full of cookies? Like one of those big baskets medium-sized dogs sleep in? I like that guy. Also, he signed our piano. For reasons that are unclear. I guess when you're Zakk Wylde you just sign things. Cool.

I have a good story about Zakk Wylde and designing cover art, but it'll have to wait. Duty calls. Or, um, will call shortly.

UPDATE: "'Walk through the flames that eat your flesh, drowned in the waters that know you best...' Yeah, another one for the ladies."

Zakk endorses the crazy-asshole-angry-about-breaking-up-Pantera theory, FWIW.