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Friday, April 09, 2004
It's great to see nice things being said about Carla Bozulich in various ATP wrapups. Sounds like the new live show is really winning people over (although I admit to being vaguely disappointed when I saw her at Tonic and she didn't do the full Willie cover like she did last time) and that when she brings out a full disc of new material it's going to really go over big.

Well, shit, that decides it, I'm e-mailing her for an interview.

Oh and also: there are live versions up of some songs from a show last fall at her website. "My Diving Day" is the only new one as far as I can see, and is very, very good. "Remember Me" is a Willie song, "Lillybelle" is from the Fibbers' first album, and "Ripened Peach" is an Ethyl Meatplow song (!). "Bitter Honey" may or may not be a Scottish folk song [UPDATE: but was definitely a Fibbers b-side]. Go listen.

Also, here is an account of a DC show she did last October.