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Friday, May 13, 2005
Holy shit, people, the new Stevie Wonder single is like having a unicorn come and have sex with your heart. I wrote a full thing about it for the Stylus UK Singles Jukebox that'll be up Monday, so you'll have to wait for that, but I gotta say, please go listen to "So What's the Fuss" right now, and then please carry boomboxes with you all summer so I can hear it at all times. It has Prince and En Vogue! It has car horns! It has yelling! And Prince is playing guitar! And you can go to his site and watch two versions of the video, one of which is the "Visually Impaired Version featuring narration by Busta Rhymes"! Yes, that's right: Busta Rhymes describing what's going on in a Stevie Wonder video. And there's a remix with Q-Tip! Well, OK, that's not as exciting, but still: argh! Please go listen.