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Friday, August 19, 2005
I have now seen (thanks Jesse!) the press packet that is included with the promo of the new Fiery Furnaces album, Rehearsing My Choir. In it, there is a letter from Matt F., in which he tells the interested reader, among other things, what decade each song is set in.


The album itself? Well, I've only listened to five songs so far, but yeah, it's making me smile a lot, especially "The Wayfaring Granddaughter," which is tuneful and weird and varied and naughty and hyper-endearing.

If Blueberry Boat was a rock opera (and it kinda was and kinda wasn't), Rehearsing is an actual opera, or at least an avant-garde one. The best comparison I've got for this so far is Robert Wilson. Or maybe Robert Ashley. Lotsa Roberts.

But, um, poppy!

More later, obviously. But I am not mapping this one, goddamnit.

ADDENDUM: More info at the They might do a deluxe edition that would include a documentary of their grandmother giving a tour of Chicago. Also, their grandmother is enunciating way too well to be doing Dylan, I'm sorry.