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Thursday, May 22, 2003
gone fission
Aw, thanks Matt. Although for the record, I was saying everyone should be like you, but funny.

So anyway, hi there to the new readers and the old ones. I am about to go away for the weekend to watch some friends graduate from college, but as the Howler says, visit our incomparable archives! (Which are now comparable! Ha!) Here's some good posts from the past to keep you going until after the holiday weekend:

- Libertarians.
- Non-lethal weapons in Iraq, and the curious lack thereof.
- Neo-conservatives.
- The State Department (response to the Gingrich speech).
- Response to a review of a Yo La Tengo album.
- Lengthy exchange of e-mails between me and a music critic about the White Stripes.

See you on Tuesday!