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Friday, June 20, 2003
Thread on nyhappenings reacting to a mailing for a party at Luxx called WELFARE:

1) "Welfare is not so badass and punk rock a name when you have to feed 3 kids on it. reminds me of that place tenement... BAD IDEA KIDS"

2) "yeah fuks change th name to: SALT MINES"

3) "Pianos is a really shitty name if you're scared by "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T"."

Ah, nyhappenings. I do find "Tenement" a pretty hilariously offensive name, and I don't think hilariously offensive is necessarily the vibe they're going for.

In fairness, I do know a decent number of hipster kids on welfare, but the fact that they would use it to go to Luxx is perhaps evidence of what the original poster was saying...we all gotta party though!