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Friday, December 12, 2003
Although you wouldn't suspect it from the "they're the English Xiu Xiu!" Pitchfork review, so far the Mu album is actually kind of catchy. The first song, Jealous Kids, even has a verse-chorus-verse song structure (!), and the bits are all pretty hooky. There's also the moment in "Let's Get Sick" (around 3:30) where it suddenly breaks for a total club-diva hook, which regrettably gets lost in the mix, but it's still pretty cool. It's nowhere near as unnecessarily harsh as Xiu Xiu, and in many ways it seems like a more energetic version of the electro stuff being posted lately at Fluxblog.

So yeah, don't worry about the hype--there's a good bit of pop in here mixed in with the weird twists on gabba/jungle fuckups and glitch. It even sounds kinda Cibo Matto at times, although that may just be the, er, "Engrish," as PF put it.