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Friday, June 04, 2004
A request from Miss Clap:

We entered a design contest for Kerry t-shirts, and you should go
vote for ours, it has made it to the semi-finals but is not doing so hot.

Here is the link:

Our is in the retro catagory and is the button that has John Kerry's head
on it and says, John Kerry Our Next President (Photoshop and an old JFK
button) Dont vote for the ones that are beating us which are:

"If You Suffer Pain" The one with the soap and the chick

"Bait and Switch"

...and the Ultra crappy one that is in first place which looks like a high
school sports shirt and says Kerry 04 on the back and is mostly blue with
a little red.

Somewhat more specifically: go here, then (as it asks you to) register, then login and go to the voting page. Then go to the Retro Designs category and vote for the "John Kerry Our Next President" design.

I am public service central this week.