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Friday, December 10, 2004

- The degree to which the Knife's "Heartbeats" sounds like unwrapping the snow-coated scarf from your neck in an A train whose floor is crunchily dirty with melting salt is hard to describe. It's a wonderful song, but while there's no necessary connection there with winter, that's the evocation.

- From a very video-game intensive night at my friend Janine's place (a regualar commenter at Stereogum and other locales, but, much to our detriment, not a blog-propriator--show us some love, Janine!) I am now hooked on GTA: San Andreas. The problem is that not only do I not own said game, but I do not even own a PS2, and I'm currently pretty enmeshed in 2 other games. But it sticks in my head and I keep getting visions. (Plus it heavily influenced my answer to harm's poll.) Ah, the travails of the priviledged first-world white boy. Anyway, the point being that the music is really, really great, like a period piece almost, except since it's set in the early 90s, that doesn't really seem appropriate. But it is! Something about hearing those whistling g-funk synths while you cruise over a sun-blasted ghetto hill...

- Apropos of nothing, I found this interesting. Anyone want to reccommend a good lit or cult theory book for me?