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Thursday, April 03, 2003
Bob Herbert declines to gloat about the victory for one of his pet causes, instead writing a very astute column about the administration's budget. This one's good:

The House plan offers the well-to-do $1.4 trillion in tax cuts, while demanding billions of dollars in cuts from programs that provide food stamps, school lunches, health care for the poor and the disabled, temporary assistance to needy families — even veterans' benefits and student loans.
¶"The cut in the food stamp program, if achieved by lowering the maximum benefit, would lead to a reduction in the average benefit from an already lean 91 cents per meal to 84 cents."

Yeah, 84 cents a meal. "Why are all those poor people so fat? Americans are so fat!" Idiots. You wanna tell the lady paying for a McDonald's hamburger with nickels that she should go across the street and buy half an apple from the yuppie farmer's market with her 84 cents? Sheesh.