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Friday, April 04, 2003
first bleary-eyed post of the day...

Just submitted a song to Thurston Moore's new Protest Records website. It bounced back, presumably because idiots keep sending full MP3's to that address, which they are not supposed to. Or they just haven't checked their e-mail, whatever. The song is here, if you're curious (right-click to download).

Sorry to keep stealing links from Fluxblog (and you gotta hit these quick or the links won't work), but in addition to the Kronos quartet cover yesterday I downloaded a song by a group called The Children's Hour, mainly because I recently sat down one weekend evening when my plans fell through and made an album of that name. (I think I'm going to credit it to McCormack McKenzie, though.) Anyway, I listened to it this morning and just loved it--it's really, really pretty, and the guitar sounds great. Then I did some research and found that they're opening for Zwan! Weird. Listen to the MP3 and tell me if you can hear those people playing the indie-rock stadiums Billy's new cock-block project is coming through.

Anybody got any "concepts" for the photo shoot we have to do soonish? Send 'em in. I kind of want to go to the record label I work at and have some pictures taken of us under the gold records, looking smug, but I think that's mostly only amusing to me. Think "noise-rock" and "funny" but don't think "all of us lined up wearing thrift-store t-shirts and looking kind of bored." Swear to God, you flip through Hits or Network and it's just like a cartoon of those kind of shots. Eek. Listen, all you fuckers that have defaced the once-innocent visage of pop-punk: we are not bored. We get to go around playing music that we love for people, and that's fucking exciting. I'm talking to you here, American Hi-Fi.