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Friday, April 11, 2003
From the NYT article I stole my juvenile pictures from comes this:

Administration officials said last night that the White House was also pursuing plans to broadcast the American network newscasts, in Arabic, on the same airborne transmitter used to show the other programming and Mr. Bush's and Mr. Blair's message today.

I have an even better idea: broadcast the local newscasts. I think that'd be...well, I have no idea if it would be good or not, but it would certainly be hilarious. I wonder what they'd make of broadcasts that lead off with a doctor telling viewers what not to do to your wife if she falls through a glass door (#1: do not remove the huge shards of glass; #2: do not whack her head on the pavement), then segues to three stories about black people killing other black people, then rapidly proceeds to five minutes of the anchors bantering with each other about their children and pets, then a weather report by a guy who continues bantering with the anchors, then sports, especially high-school sports, then a story about people hurting old ladies, then a story about a bear stuck in a tree. I think it'd do wonders for our image abroad.