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Thursday, April 03, 2003
Gawker (via a bunch of other sites I am too lazy to click through) has a list of personal ads placed by musician/celebrities like Casey Spooner and a bunch of "that guy from"s and "that girl from"s, including some I've seen around the office but one I don't think I'll be be seeing much of anymore, more's the pity.

From Stephen Malkmus' ad:
Favorite on-screen sex scene:
anything in todd solondz's "happiness"

That's fucking hot, Stephen.

Also, in case you haven't seen it: the new Madonna video that she pulled before it was aired in the US (better to download than to stream) with accompanying article by the Rabbit, aka Heather, who we all know and love from a certain old-skool webmag. It's interesting--I read the lyrics for the song and I thought they sucked, and then I heard the song and I thought it sucked (Mads, seriously, no rapping, girl), but now that I see the video I like it a lot more. It's got that whole ambiguity thing going for it that wasn't there before.