clap clap blog: we have moved

Thursday, April 03, 2003
Hi there.

Welcome to the blog. No idea who'll be reading this, but just in case you wandered in, here's what I'm planning on doing with it.

- It'll be updated every weekday if I'm still employed, presumably less so if I am not. (More on that employment thing sometime later.)

- It may often be reposts of things I've e-mailed to friends or posted other places. (My favorite places to post, for the record, are,,, and Plastic. I no longer post on nyhappenings because they suck monkeys.) But these things are good, and my friends have encouraged me to blog, so voila, motherfuckers.

- It'll almost certainly either be about politics or music, although occasionally other subject will creep in. There probably won't be a whole big lot of personal stuff, which I'm leery about, but presumably it'll come out little by little.

- I'll post links to stories or songs in progress when I think they're worth sharing, and these will all be at Skein, the collaborative site some friends run. Comments are always welcome.

- Comments are always welcome in general--as you'll be able to see soon enough, I love to argue.

OK, that's enough intro for now. On to the postings.

(much later) UPDATE: nyhappenings no longer sucks monkeys.