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Thursday, April 17, 2003
In the first "bold policy move" by a Democratic Presidential candidate, Dick Gephart has proposed eliminating Bush's income tax cuts and using the money saved off the massive debt we're accruing? No, he would use it for "a tax credit to help businesses pay for health care." Which is nice, I guess, but also kind of weird. I mean, what about the dividend tax cut? That's the big issue right now, and I think you could use the money saved to subsidize a free candy truck, people still get real nervous when you talk about raising their taxes back up. And what about the economy? Health care = good, but I think it's a fairly small bit of why the recession makes people nervous right now; if you want to reassure people, maybe rescind the draconian bankruptcy laws passed a few years back. And this is all beside the point that Dick is the fucking House minority leader right now, so if he wanted to do something more about Bush's tax plans, he presumably could. Maybe that's why he's not mentioning the dividend tax cut, eh?

Anyway, I'm unconvinced, but it's going to take a lot to sell me on Dick. (No more Dicks in office!) It would be nice to see these kind of "visionary" proposals from a few other folks, though. Are you listening, John Edwards? Eh, maybe they're still focus-grouping them...