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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Just to be clear: Baghdad liberated, yay good.

OK. Now let's check this out:

The advance of U.S. troops into Baghdad is proof that early criticism of the war's plans was misguided, Vice President Dick Cheney said Wednesday. The war is "one of the most extraordinary military campaigns ever conducted," Cheney said, speaking to the annual convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors. "With every day, with every advance of our coalition forces, the wisdom of that plan becomes more apparent," Cheney said. He dismissed critics as "retired military officers embedded in TV studios."

Dick. Dick, Dick, Dick. Honestly, were you not listening to the criticism or are you just willfully misinterpreting it again? (And does this man have no political instincts whatsoever? Gloating two hours after a partial victory?) The criticism of the military campaign was not about whether we'd win the war; it was about how many soldiers and civilians would die. Taking Baghdad does nothing to negate that criticism.

Criticisms also under discussion include the diplomatic handling of the situation, the feints towards Syria, the "Axis of Evil" rhetoric, the faking of WMD evidence, etc. (Speaking of which--if Sadaam really has WMD, why hasn't he used them yet? Have we captured them all? Where are they?) Oh, and the post-war governemnt and the UN. Speaking of which:

Cheney said he expected the United Nations, as well as war opponents such as France, to have humanitarian involvement in the postwar efforts in Iraq. However, the key role in the reconstruction of Iraq and the creation of a new Iraqi government "has to reside with the U.S. government," Cheney said. "We don't believe that the United Nations is equipped to play that central role. It will play a very important role, but I think the central role will reside with the coalition," Cheney said.

So "the coalition" can do it, but "the UN" can't? Well, still stickin' to the party line, I guess--see commentary below.