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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
More on the Republican convention: the really infuriating thing about it is that the Republicans have systematically worked to screw New York City out of money, even after September 11th, which you think would have generated a wee bit more sympathy, but I guess not. Pataki's grandstanding and national ambitions lead him to refuse to raise taxes in order to keep the GOP honchos happy while simultanously fucking over the city, which still pays out far more taxes than it gets in. I think that situation is OK, but I do think it means that we should be able to get some of that back if we're looking at cutting firefighters, cops, and teachers, you know? And, of course, Congress and the administration reneged on their promise for funds--I think they cut it by half or so in the actual allocation, although I guess we made off better than those poor bastards in Afghanistan.

Anyway, the weirdest thing is that they're all doing this to another Republican. I'm having a hard time faulting Mayor Mike for his cuts since we don't want to end up back in a 70's-style default situation, but he is being pretty politically stupid and letting Pataki walk all over him. Times are tough everywhere, but there's a plan to help the city that the Republicans just aren't even considering. The point is that there's capitalizing on the tragedy, and there's capitalizing on the tragedy in a city you've screwed over since the tragedy. Shame on them. Let 'em have their convention in the field in Pennsylvania or something.