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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
Pitchfork Update

So the Pitchfork letters page today is exactly the same as yesterday's, except with the response from Brent removed. Luckily, I saved it below so it's still there to read. Do I know why they removed it? No I do not. Any theories? I'm sure it was just, uh, an editorial thing.

Oh, and Brent never e-mailed me back. I'm still kind of confused, but that's OK.

Anyway, lots of work piled up this morning, but more later on Radiohead and activists, though probably not at the same time.

Tuvans, Liz, Tuvans. Regardless of the name, that's a good idea. My favorite non-blog response to the "worst song" thing so far, from the severed-heads list:

"Bagpipes are a bad joke invented by the Romans that the Scots never got."

I prefer to think they got it all too well.