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Thursday, April 10, 2003
Taking a break from the (ahem) sophisticated political commentary, allow me to highlight an important political story and then giggle at it. Apparently the NYPD was collecting data on peace protestor's previous political activity but has decided to stop because, well, because it's pretty much unconstitutional. Here's the announcement:

"After a review, the department has decided to eliminate the use of the Demonstration Debriefing Form," Michael O'Looney, the department's chief spokesman, said in a statement. "Arrestees will no longer be asked questions pertaining to prior demonstration history, or school name. All information gathered since the form's inception on Feb. 15 has been destroyed."

You've got to be kidding--the name of the spokesman for the NYPD is Michael O'Looney?! That's amazing.

Or maybe I'm just a little loopy right now. Anyway.