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Monday, April 21, 2003
A wallace-l'er points me toward the New York Times review of Frey's book. It's, um, a pan, and written in a sort of parody of Frey's style, and with a twelve-step motif.

Step 5: Meet a Girl. And go all soggy whenever she appears. Another patient
is the beautiful Lilly, who smiles warmly, if predictably, whenever she sees
James. She is there to comfort him when it is time for the next phase.

Dear god, he has a fucking romantic subplot?

I kind of disliked the review since it was hella snarky, but at the same time, Frey seems to be more or less requesting it with his "fuck everyone" attitude. He presumably takes this as a compliment. I dunno. A more studied response might have been nicer, since there seems a lot to shoot down, but I guess creative book reviews are nice, too. Eh.