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Monday, May 19, 2003
Ari Fleischer: door, ass, way out.

"I've decided my time has come to leave the White House," Fleischer said in a telephone interview.

The spokesman said he wanted to leave the hard-driving job before President Bush's re-election campaign geared up.

Fleischer clashed at times with the White House press corps and had an uneasy relationship with some senior Bush aides, but he said the departure was his idea. He notified Bush of his decision Friday. The president ended the conversation "by kissing me on the head," the spokesman said.


If by "clashed" you mean "lied to outright," then yeah.

OK, I was just gonna leave that head-kiss thing, but...what the hell? It feels like either a papal benediction or a Mafia kiss of death.

Now let the gossiping begin...