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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Because you may have seen the headline but not actually read the story about Cheney saying "hell yes!" to running as VP in 2004, allow me to highlight one particular tidbit of information:

Cheney's position on the 2004 ticket has been the subject of heightened speculation because of his heart condition. He has had four heart attacks, though none as vice president.

``I've got a doc with me 24 hours a day who watches me very carefully,'' said Cheney. ``If I ran into problems where I felt I couldn't serve, I'd be the first to say so and step down.''

Oh dear god, all the hack comics and lazy cartoonists were right! He really is a withered old supervillain! He's got a "doc" ready to jump-start the Cheneybot at any moment with, I assume, an injection of the blood of young boys into a nearly-collapsed vein in his left temple. The doctor is a shadowy German presence in white lab coat and reflective glasses, carrying a battered old leather satchel and never speaking...

Well, maybe I'm extrapolating a bit from the article, but does anyone else get a similar picture?