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Thursday, May 22, 2003
brief personal bitch
So I've got one intern in the next cubicle blasting and singing along to some shitty MOR Matchbox 20 clone and another guy in the cubicle down the way blasting and singing along to soul. And he's white. And he can't sing. And weirdly, my Liars EP isn't drowning them out, and I don't have my To Live and Shave in L.A. album with me, which trumps pretty much everything. Any suggestions for what I could put on to really bring the noise-rock hurt? (And don't say Le Shok, because my last fart sounded better than them. And I forgot Deerhoof at home too, damnit.)

Hmm, maybe I should just put Fluxblog's John Wayne Gacy conversation on, but I've been playing that crazy DJ thing everyday to no avail...maybe it just reminds music-biz peeps of their friends? That's probably unfair.