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Friday, May 02, 2003
Harm points us to an article about an academic symposium about 2pac, which he thinks sounds ridiculous, and which I think sounds ridiculous and AWESOME! (Ooh, 2pac's birthday is Bloomsday? Gotta use that somewhere.) Maybe this is because I'm a music nerd, although I do admit that it might be nice if they took this stuff a wee bit less seriously while still writing about it critically. Harm ends with the pertinent question: "WHY THE F**K AM I AN ENGLISH MAJOR?" Eh, so it goes in the humanities and the social sciences. Creative writing majors have to read a lot of their classmates' shitty poetry. Politics majors have to endure Marxist classes where everyone talks with this Marx-jargon while acting like everyone should understand their Marx-jargon. Sociology majors have to deal with knowing that their field is an utter fraud. Economics majors have to fight real hard to use their knowledge for good-not-evil. (Helps if you're a politics major too.) Psychology majors have to deal with a very trendy body of academic knowledge. And we all have to deal with people who take their ideology (feminism, marxism, liberalism, conservativism, libertarianism) a little further than it really should go.