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Wednesday, May 28, 2003
So black residents of North Carolina were systematically sterilized as part of a eugenics effort justified by "official reasons ranging from mental handicap to promiscuity." If they did not accept sterilization, their families would lose their welfare benefits. Which is, of course, horrible and all.

But now I hear that they're getting compensated? What the fuck? I mean, c'mon, like three governors have apologized for it now, and it's been thirty years since it ended. Why are we still dealing with this? Why should the taxpayers of today--predominantly white people--have to pay for the mistakes of the past? It's been stopped, and apologies have been offered. I don't see the point of reparations--or compensation, or whatever you want to call it. It's just stupid. No money is going to untie their tubes, or whatever. And they're either dead, in which case what's the point, or still living, in which case it couldn't have been that bad anyway. Only 1,700 people were sterilized, and yet this is being made into some big "oh-it's-white-people's-fault" thing. I'm sure this settlement will be paid for out of the pockets of hard-working white people, many of whom moved to the state after the end of the program! And where's the justice in that?

I mean, read what one of them has to say: "When white people tell you you've got to do something, what are you going to do? What can you do? You've got to do what them white folks say, because they're going to give you that little bit of money to feed your kids with. That's the way it is." Oh, come on. What, were you intimidated by the big scary white people? Oh no, the white people are coming! Oh, they've exerted a system of social control that has terrorized and oppressed black people for hundreds of years! Whatever. Those years are over, and this kind of case just perpetuates the image of black people as victims. As a white person, I know a lot about the "civil rights" movement, and I know that this kind of effort is just going to set their cause back, maybe by thousands of years. They have to stop focusing on the past, and instead focus on the present, where black people are actually doing pretty good, and if anything are oppressing white people! What these "civil rights" wackos should be doing is helping whites dismantle the unjust apparatus of the "affirmative action" program so that when a black person succeeds, he knows it was on his own merits! That's racial harmony for you.

It just fries my cookies, is all. I mean, if this goes through, what other issues might be taken seriously?