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Thursday, May 29, 2003
Sorry I've been so sparse in my posts lately, but I have been busy in other arenas. So as compensation, here are two songs I've worked out in recent days.

First is a demo of a new song called "You Got Me" which I was listening to this morning and really quite like. I assembled it all by my lonesome, but it's a reasonably good recording. In the finished product, there will be a great Kristie leadline and obviously the drum pattern will consist of more than the same two bars repeated ad naseum. File this under "pop."

Second is a new entry in the long-dormant JFK project (which I've decided will now be named "The Kennedy Variations"): "Dealy (JFK #3)". The backing was made entirely from manipulated tracks on a lock-groove album I picked up a while back. File this under "experimental," obviously.

Enjoy! Comments are very very very welcome.