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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Daily Kos posts more info on the Westar thing (to the effect that the VP of the company ran Ashcroft's campaigns for quite a few years, thus perhaps hinting why the AG is not investigating the company all that aggressively) and no one seems to care because--what--either it's too complicated or because it's not strictly speaking illegal; I assume it's not the latter since Bush's pre-war hype wasn't strictly speaking lying either, but we're going after that with big blunt sticks labeled "Amerikka." But fuck, man, read the signs (and read the report (PDF) - relevant info on 349-357, or what Adobe thinks is pages 341-349), this is unabashed vote-buying. Whether it strictly speaking violates campaign finance laws is ultimately irrelevant for the political gains to be had; if you're a Democratic representative and you can't get effectively worked up about a failed Enron-model corporation openly buying legislative exemptions because you can't hide your own indiscretions, I don't want you as my representative. Real politicians know how to fuckin' hide their graft, and when someone doesn't, you bite 'em on the ass as hard as you can. Ashcroft is an easy target anyway--go to it, folks.