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Thursday, June 05, 2003
Fluxblog today gives us a track from Jarvis Cocker's new electroclash (!) band, Relaxed Muscle. He also points us to a Sun article featuring Jarvis in his new getup of a drugstore skeleton costume and weird makeup, on stage in a pub. God bless that man.

There's a great Rapture track, too. Go read.

Fuck, that Rapture track gave me chills. It starts off like you don't quite know what it's going to be, and then at 0:19 all the percussion cuts out for this fucking Southern rock guitar riff from Luke, and then the great little drum fills come crashing around it, and then at the end it even adds the now-trad cowbell, but instead of making it sound dancy it makes it sound like, well, like Steve Miller. But really good! I don't remember if this was the song that confused me the last time I saw them at the Bowery--there was one bit that sounded like a downtempo semi-indie-rock love ballad, which felt very out of place. But if this is it, I'm gonna listen closer tonight.

If you see me at the show, come say hi--I'll be with the rest of Galvanized, so you can check our pics on the front page to see what we look like. I'm the boy, although in retrospect I don't look much like that anymore. Think tall and hair that keeps sticking up no matter what I do, which admittedly isn't much, and red sideburns. Kind of anglo-irish, I guess. Try this pic (I AM INTENSE AND PLAYING GUITAR) or this one of me with the violin.