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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
I am unfortunately too busy to reply to harm (although I would point out that my previous update was less a response and more of a link for further consideration, which is why I haven't "offer[ed] a workable modus operandi") so instead I will post this press release just for him, because he will find it very amusing. I also found it very amusing, for the record, and I know that harm will enjoy it way more than my nominally-lefty friends will. Well, except for Rachel, who would also think it's hilarious.

>>WHAT: SCREAM OUT is a performance/protest. One by one, hundreds of women
>>will condemn the Bush administration for destroying our basic American
>>freedoms. Each charge will be answered with a scream of rage and
>>resistance, fury and frustration. The event is free and open to the
>>WHO: SCREAM OUT was initiated by performance artist Karen Finley and
>>organized by the Women's Action Coalition (WAC). Speakers and screamers
>>will include prominent and not-yet-prominent women artists, performers,
>>writers and activists including Finley, author Mary Gaitskill, Franklin
>>Furnace's Martha Wilson, poet/performers Nicole Blackman and Emily XYZ,
>>and many others. A more complete list of participants will be announced.
>>WHEN: Monday, June 9th 2003, from 5 to 7 pm.
>>WHERE: In the courtyard of St. Mark's Church in the Bowery,
>>131 East 10th Street at Second Avenue in New York City.
>>WHY: We are out of time. The Bush administration has launched a relentless
>>attack against our civil liberties.
>>We are out of options. Millions of Americans have protested against the
>>administration's policies and our voices have been ignored.
>>We are out of patience.
>>PUBLIC INFO: The WAC website at Information will be updated

Yeah, because nothing says "potency" like screaming wordlessly at people who agree with you. We're out of patience so we're going to have a big group scream? That'll, uh, make us feel better. I dunno, maybe it's a chick thing.

*sigh* I kind of like Mary Gaitskill...