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Monday, June 23, 2003
I have a question:

Alexandria's mother, Carol DeMuria, remembers an episode in which Samantha (always Samantha) has sex in a firehouse. "This is not how I want my daughter to live," says Ms. DeMuria, a 45-year-old mother of four. "This is not how I want her to think people in Manhattan live." Although Ms. DeMuria likes the show, and its positive portrayals of gay men, she says the thin, well-heeled heroines don't match her own memories of being single in what can be a tough and bruising city. But more important, she finds the women's gonzo sexcapades and the show's hallmark sexual frankness — discussions of topics like S&M, anal sex and erotic urination — unsuitable for her daughter. "When I was a kid, married people slept in double beds in all the TV shows," says Ms. DeMuria. "Let's be honest, people are having sex and having kids out of wedlock. But what do you tell a 14-year-old, that it's O.K.?"

What's the income of this family, do you think?

Opposition to sex out of wedlock as a concept just seems so outdated. (Opposition to sex out of wedlock as a reality, i.e. hearing your daughter having sex upstairs, is far more understandable.)