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Friday, June 20, 2003
I was sitting there yesterday, wondering how widespread the idea was that Joe Lieberman is unelectable primarily because he is a ("modern?") orthodox Jew; I was guessing "not very" (even though it seems self-evident to me) because folks would not want to be labeled an anti-Semite. "What are you talking about? Jews can do whatever they want!" etc. So I did a Google search and it did indeed only come up with two pages of results (although each of the results stated this fact easily, as if it was self-evident). There was a lefty mention and a conservative leaving comments on a lefty site; a libertarian (?) mention and a comment on a conservative site where Democrats are called "Dimocrats" (haha--get it? It's a play on words! "Dim" means they're stupid! Oh wait, he's talking about me! I'm stupid! Oh no!) and a few other things.

And then there was this. Some sample comments:

- True, American government is already over run with Zionists, but going with the traditional lesser of two evils approach I would much rather have a puppet in office than a straight up Zionist henchman. Lieberman is so pro-Israel that even the American jews don't trust him. His wife is an Israeli citizen who was already traveling around speaking out against the holocaust when he was just running for vice president. Imagine what they could do if they were in charge. I could talk all day about it, but what I want to get to is what can we do to lobby against him. I know virtually nothing on the subject of political lobbying, but I think we need to start opposing him now. Any ideas anyone. One thing I can suggest is for people to start speaking against him to everybody who will listen. This even means to drop your racial platform when talking to the lemmings about this( so as to not scare them away from your stance on this). Many of us in the movement have stopped voting for obvious reasons, but I think this is serious enough for us to renew our voter registration. Anyways, feedback from any comrades in charge would be greatly appreciated.

- Oppose him? I say help vote him in there. His presence in the White House will make it hard for people to deny that America is run by Jews.

- The most cunning threat to White Nationalists right now is the NEO-CONS. If you think back to the neo-con reaction to Lieberman's selection by Al Gore as his running mate you will recall that the neo-cons were VERY UNHAPPY that Lieberman was on the Democratic ticket opposing Bush. Bush is the neo-con sock-puppet. Takeover of the Republican Party is the neo-con target. A Jew on the Democrat presidential ticket severely hurts both of these neo-con programs. A measure of how determined the neo-cons are to solidify their penetration and co-option of the commanding heights of the Republican Party is the lavish national campaign of "let's be Republicans" seminars and community gatherings that the neo-cons are putting on at 4-star hotels. A typical such gathering of the Landsmen will feature Michael Medved, Richard Pipes, David Horowitz, and Dennis Prager. All of the speakers are pitching the urgent need for Jews to re-register as Republicans, to get active in the Republican party, and to seek out precint, county, and State Republican positions. The money is flowing as these guys are flown all over the U.S. to pitch the new Inner Party tactic. In my opinion the neo-cons see Joe Lieberman as a guy running more on his own ego rather than getting with the Inner Party "program". His presence on any Democratic presidential ticket greatly diminishes the numbers of Jews that can be migrated into the Republican party by neo-cons like Medved, Pipes, Horowitz, and Prager.

- The time when we could have voted ourselves out of this mess is dead and gone. The only way the masses are going to get with the program, if ever, is if evertyhing they hold dear falls apart. Perhaps the best thing to do at this point is to speed up the process. Even though Sharpton and Lieberman are both unelectable, someone of their caliber in the White House would be just thing for that to happen.

- Absolutely correct. Politics is nothing but a spectator sport. As for Jews, Blacks, or whatever other non-white hominid that runs for office, I say more power to them. Worse is better. Lets turn up the heat on this pot as high as it will go. The sleepy white frog needs a wake up call.

So this is a) pretty sickening, but also b) kind of interesting in the parallels--and, oh Lord, you know I'm hesitant to make this one--between these guys and the activist left. Both, for instance, see "their" party as having been "taken over" by a sinister outside group seeking to advance their own narrow interests (the conservative-at-heart moneyed interests of the DLC v. the Jewish neo-cons); both express a disdain of politics as a means of effective action (although thank God in this case for that); and both think that, faced with their impotent position (even if they would never articulate it as such), the best thing might be to give the system a good push in the direction it's already heading so it will crash and can be rebuilt in their own image. It's also very interesting to see this view of the neo-conservatives, because, let's be honest, all of us liberals find it a bit confounding the way Jewish issues seem to be being co-opted by the right, although the anti-Israel rhetoric spewed by some of the activists probably doesn't help. Also both think they have some secret, hidden knowledge about the workings of the government and who is behind it (rich people, Jews and blacks) and thus action is necessary to correct it.

Brr, white supremacists. I think I'm going to go read about puppies for a while or something. Although it is a little weird how nobody talks about militias or these folks anymore, isn't it? Especially with all this Eric Rudolph business going on?