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Tuesday, June 03, 2003
Josh Marshall points out that there's something even jucier than the "we just settled on WMD for bureaucratic reasons" thing in the Wolfowitz article in Vanity Fair.

In fact, for all the buzz surrounding the WMD quotes, the real stunner comes in the very next paragraph. It's there where Tanenhaus says Wolfowitz is "confident" that Saddam was "connected" to the original World Trade Center attack in 1993 and that he has "entertained the theory" that Saddam was involved in the Oklahoma City bombings in 1995.

Ahem. OK, leftists have some pretty wacky conspiracy theories too, but generally we try not to express them in public, especially if we're, you know, in the cabinet.

Saddaam and Oklahoma City, eh? Guess all that flap about the media initially assuming it had to be Arab terrorists was unwarranted! Looks like the neo-con message can be summed up as: "All your fears are right again!"