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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Just briefly: do not try and start some half-assed impeachment thing against Bush because of the WMD "intelligence failure." Why?

1) If you think that Clinton's conduct was not an impeachable offense, Bush's conduct isn't either. Politicians lying is not something we should be hijacking the Constitution because of.

2) He didn't "lie" in the strictest sense. Clinton said "I did not have sex with that woman" when he knew he did. Bush said that our intelligence tells us that Sadaam has WMD, and that could very well be true. The offense could easily lie farther down the chain of command (c.f. "plausible deniability") so, evil though it may be, it's not an impeachable offense.

3) It'll never work, due to the political makeup of the legislature if nothing else.

Efforts are best directed elsewhere. Almost anywhere elsewhere. Please. When John Dean tells liberals to do something, you should almost always do the exact opposite, it seems to me. It's fine to get the meme in the popular consciousness, I guess, but let's not be starting concerted campaigns. Take the money and time and donate it to a struggling Democratic rep.

UPDATE: Posted this at Eschaton and got some pretty hilarious responses. I'm a conservative! Who knew? Harm, you'll find some of the things they call me particularly amusing...