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Tuesday, June 10, 2003
The new Fountains of Wayne album is...well, I do this from time to time, and it's kind of embarassing, but fuck it: the thing made me cry last night. It's that good, and I've only gotten through five songs because I keep having to go back and listen to them again. "Mexican Wine" might have the best opening verse I've heard all year, and all the great little character sketches in the lyrics and the attention to detail with the, it's good. If you like power-pop, you'll like this. I wish I could write a more coherant review, but...fuck. It's just way too good.

I also picked up the Children's Hour album, Prince's "Sign O' the Times" and the limited edition Radiohead package, which has a very nice fold-out map thing that makes my geek heart go pitter-pat.