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Friday, June 20, 2003
OK, a brief Pitchfork mention, but only in praise: they rightly give a 10.0 to the reissue of Glenn Branca's The Ascension. Apparently the remastering is very good, which means I may have to buy a copy to replace my perfectly servicable 1994 News / New Tone CD I got at Other Music a few years ago. Damnit.

At any rate, it's a fucking phenomenal album--the prototype for symphonic noise-rock, and made only with 4 guitars, drum, and bass. Lee Ranaldo plays one of the axes and there's a very cute picture of him bein' all young in the liner notes. It blows your ass away. Go go go.

This, by the way, is being issued by fellow Oberlin grad Dan Selzer's new Acute Records label, distributed by Carpark, who have put out some very good discs by Miss Dinky and Kid 606.

UPDATE: As to the differences between my Italian jobbie and the new version, they seem to be significant. Dan replies to my questioning as follows:

Glad you asked. It differs in many ways. In 1994, the Italian label
New Tone licensed the Ascension. It was mastered from vinyl, the
original tapes being long lost. It never really received proper
distribution in the states, causing it to appear for various
prices(sometimes up to 25 dollars) and for some people to think its a
bootleg. How is our copy different? Well it's the first domestic CD
release of the Ascension, not that that would matter to you, as you
already ownd the Italian CD. What is signifigant is:

A) Our version is remastered by Weasel Walter and sounds considerably
better, louder, more exciting etc.

B) Our version contains a 4 page essay/liner notes from Sonic Youth
guitarist/Ascension bandmember Lee Ranalod.

C) Our version contains a 2 minute quicktime video clip of Glenn
playing solo improv guitar at a 1978 gathering at Jeffrey Lohn's loft
that is just blistering.

D) Our version contains, on the tray card, never before seen color
Robert Longo artwork.

E) Our version will, when selling millions, put more money in the
Acute coffers, giving us the ability to re-release tons more fantastic
music. We are very close to closing the deal on 5(FIVE!) more CDs.